eFax Review: How Does eFax Compare to Other Email Fax Services?

By using an online fax service provider, anyone can send and receive faxes directly from a computer via email. This saves time and cost and makes faxing easier than ever.

There are a number of providers of online faxing whose service and cost can vary greatly. It therefore can be difficult to determine which provider delivers the best value.

There are, however, some clear-cut standards by which these providers can be measured. In order to find out how eFax can assist in the growth of your business, call toll-free at 866-944-2559 to find out which service package is best for you.

eFax is the world’s largest internet messaging service, with the capability of delivering the broadest possible service to its 11 million subscribers in three thousand cities and forty-five countries.

eFax has the widest selection of phone numbers available, giving its customers the best options to choose from. Since eFax is the industry leader, it can provide customers with one or with a thousand fax numbers. It makes sending and receiving a fax easy and user friendly. It also provides a secure communications network.

Compared with other online fax providers, eFax has the largest and most responsive customer service. A representative can be reached 24 hours day, and most problems are resolved within minutes. Most other online fax providers provide customer service only during working hours Mondays through Fridays. eFax knows that important business is transacted around the clock.

eFax provides invaluable back-up service to its customers. Paper faxes can be misplaced. Such lost information can be potentially disasterous. That is why eFax provides for one-year online storage. Customers can retrieve information sent and received over a twelve-month period. Most other online fax providers only have a three-month storage capacity. The difference is significant and can make the difference between winning or losing an account.

To ensure customer satisfaction, eFax offers a thirty-day risk-free trial period to evaluate the benefits of eFax. eFax is the only online fax provider to make this offer.

The advantages of using an online fax provider are tremendous.

Faxes can be delivered to an email anywhere and anyplace. No need to hover by a fax machine. Using digital technology, emails are delivered thirty-five percent faster.

There are no lost pages to track down. Faxes can be sent or received from any computer with a personalized login. Online faxing eliminates the cost of a fax machine and expensive cartridges. Since faxes go directly into E-mail, sensitive information is kept confidential, providing greater document security.

Whether your business is large or small, eFax can improve the way you do business. Call 866-944-2559 for details.

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