Retro Hot Dog Roller

If you want to make perfect hot dogs then get the Retro Series Hot Dog Roller. For just $49.95 you get perfect hot dogs. In addition there is a built in bun-warmer in the lid. This hot dog roller is themed after the 50’s style. With it will come memories of classic diners, ball games, family gatherings. In addition this roller is fun and easy to use. The roller consists of 5 nonstick rollers. These are in continuous rotation as they cook up to four hotdogs that a a foot long at the same times

The heat controls are adjustable. This results in even cooking. The removable rollers and drip trays are present for easy cleaning. The bun warmer is very convenient. Whether it is a party, a fundraiser or adding pizazz to the kitchen the Retro Hot Dog Roller is always at your service.

This hot dog roller brings with it a great design, sense of style and utility. When you buy it, you can be sure of one thing – great hot dogs. Never does the taste of my childhood and all those times spending hot dogs go away. I want my kids to savor the same taste. There are only a few things better that good hot dogs…and perhaps a great hot dog maker is one of them.

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