Omni Dual Saw Review

The Omni Dual Saw has counter rotating blade technology. It combines blade technology and precision engineering in a way no other saw does. This saw can cut almost any material. You don’t even have to change blades. If for some reason you needed to cut through a car, you wouldn’t waste much time with dual saw. It would take you just three minutes.

The laser honed blades and dual counter rotating blade technology ensure that you get the most efficiency while cutting and you don’t have to go through the chore of changing blades. This saw is unique in that the two blades rotate in the opposite direction at the same time. This saw has power, precision, strength and versatility.
The blades are tipped with tungsten carbide. This makes them extremely hard. As a result wood, plastic and metal are easy to cut through using this blade. This saw does not cause vibration, kickback or sparks due to the way it has been engineered. Perhaps the only saw which can do all the cutting you need.

The cost of Omni Dual Saw is $179.95. One really fine saw for that price.

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