Shappu 2000 Ten Piece Knife Set Review

The Shappu 2000 Ten Piece Knife Set has a knife for every occassion. Cutting is quicker and simpler than ever before with this great set of knives. With fine, sharp cutting edges, you have incredible cutting capacity on your side. You will find that you don’t ever need to sharpen the blades. In fact the knives are even dishwasher safe. Rust cannot harm these knives and they don’t get corroded.

The handle design is durable and non slip. You can cut with confidence and precision when you have the Shappy 2000 set by your side. The edges, which are toothed and scalloped intensify the cutting ability. You can carve and fillet raw or cooked meat or cleanly slice through bread. Fruits and vegetables can be easily cut and the steak knives are fit for formal or casual dining.
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5 Dollar Gold Proof Tribute Set Review

If you are a coin collector then this is a dream set just for you. The first coin to be struck by the U.S. government was the $5 gold coin. It is also the only denomination htat was struck at all eight U.S. branch mints. This set has 9 pieces and is 117 mg. It is testimony to that time in history when these were minted. The 1795 Philadelphia, the first $5 gold piece is included.

Also part of this set are the 1838 C’ which was the first struck at the Charlotte mint. The 1841 O’ New Orleans 1861 D’ the 1876 CC’, the 1866 S’, the 1911 Denver are all part of this collection. The incuse design is featured here where the sculpted part sinks into the coin instead of rising above it.
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Clip Hanger Review

Clip Hanger is a smart clip for the smart cell phone user. It features twin LED lights for better illumination. With durable plastic and an easy clasp system you can expect this cell phone clip to not only have a long life but also be easy to use. The price of this Clip Hanger is just $8.95. It is thin and as a result bulk is minimized.

Virtually all mobile phones are compatible with Clip Hanger. With the help of Clip Hanger you can hang your cell phone or iPod on your purse, belt loop, bags and more. It also works as a flashlight with which you can read menus and find keys in the purse or bag. It is very bright.
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TouchNBond Review

It is simple to repair large or small tears and it can now be done instantly. The TouchNBond multipurpose adhesive saves you money on repair. It is so easy to use. All you have to do is dab and mend. With this great multipurpose adhesive, you also get a free bonus 8oz refill.

Touch n Bond is the best way to mend. This non toxic adhesive stays flexible, is non toxic and still bonds permanently. Virtually all fabrics from cotton to leather are treatable with touch and bond. This adhesive is neither time consuming nor expensive. All you have to do is apply, touch and smooth and repair it.
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Stealth SSA Review

The Stealth secret sound amplifier costs $29.95 only. It costs much higher at other places on the web and offline. This cleverly designed sound amplifier looks like an expensive cell phone earpiece. This sound enhancer lets you hear clearer and hear soft voices up to 50 feet away.

It is very comfortable being lightweight and compact. As a result there is hardly a feeling of wearing the Stealth SSA. The soft foam handle fits comfortably and there is directional amplification.
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Topsy Turvy Review

Growing tomatoes was never so easy and so much fun. Now you can grow larger tomatoes than you have ever done with Topsy Turvy. Topsy Turvy eliminates Tying, Staking and Caging. In addition it also gets rid of Weeding and Back-backing. Ordinary potting soil is used for the purpose.

The days of bending and searching around to pick fruit are over now. You can trim, water, feed as well as harvest, all this you can do without bending – while standing up. The Topsy Turvy tomato planter is ingenious, yet simple. The sun warms the plant in a manner similar to a greenhouse. As a result the root system thrives and grows.
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Greenwash Ball Review

If you are concerned about the environment then a greener way to wash clothes is here. The Greenwas Ball gives you thousand washes. You save money and wash in a more eco friendly manner. It costs just $9.95. In addition you get free dryer balls as a bonus. These soften clothes without chemicals.

This Greenwas Ball not only softens water but also eliminates odors. It safeguards clothing, is reusable and hypo allergenic. The ceramic friction technology that is patented increases the pH level of water like detergent but without the harsh chemicals. Chemical, grease and organic stains are eradicated by Greenwash Ball.
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Wizzit Review

If you have longed for silky smooth skin, the answer is here. Wizzit removes hair in a matter of seconds from hairy areas to give you silky smooth and soft skin. Not only is it fast and effective but it is also convenient. Wizzit cost $19.95 only and when you buy it you get a bonus manicure set absolutely free.

Now unwanted hair is a thing of the past – whether it is on your face or your body. Hard to reach areas are a breeze and even the sensitive area of your underarm are no problem for Wizzit. Hair gets attracted to Wizzit like a magnet – you wont miss even one hair with Wizzit.
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The Nextgen iPod and iphone will support low power

Low power802.11n will be supported by next gen iPod and iPhone. iPhone 3.0 firmware will have support for a new chip which enables low power 802.11nn. There is a component upgrade – the existing Broadcom chip that supplies WiFi and Bluetooth on existing models jumps from BCM4325 to BCM4329. There is support for 802.11n features which includes the ability to find and join 5GHz networks.

Currently iPod Touch and iPhone models only support 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g or 5 Ghz 802.11a networks. In the latest generation of AirPort base stations Dual-band networds are supported. This means that both fast as well as slow devices can connect with independent 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz signals simulaneously.
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Hair Zinger Black Review

Hair Zinger Black holds your hair snug without tugging. Now you can have all the amazing hairstyles you have always wanted. It is simple as a snap to create amazing hairstyles with the Hair Zinger Stretchable Double Combs. Your hair style doesn’t matter, you will always benefit from Hair Zinger Black. Your hair could be long, short, straight or curly, Hair Zinger will make it better.

It adjusts to all hair types and thus gives you the flexibility to create numerous hairstyles. All you have to do is slide one comb into the hair. Then stretch it to the other side. It will hold the hair snug without tugging. The comfort is great and the hair is held in place really well.
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Thomas Kinkade Mountain Paradise Clock Review

If time is tough and you race against it, then get the Mountain Paradise Clock by Thomas Kinkade. This beautiful clock delivers relaxing nature sounds. When the room is dark the sounds get deactivated by the light sensor. Thomas Kindade is America’s most collected artist. The Mountain Paradise illustration on the face of the clock is a beautiful one.
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Micro Touch Magic Review

After a haircut you feel great, look great. The problem is in those weeks between the haircuts. In these weeks you look more unkempt with each passing day between the haircuts. There is now a way to keep the perfectly groomed look between haircuts. Micro Touch Magic has been created by the makers of Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover.

Unwanted hair will be removed instantly and painlessly. It is designed for men with a stronger motor, special grip and extra large size. This one is packed with 50 percent more power. With the help of this hair remover, the back of your neck will be kept barbershop perfect. In addition sideburns are kept well groomed.
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Age Away Root Color Concealer Review

Do embarrassing gray and white roots trouble you, the solution is here. You can now touch up embarrassing gray and white roots with a Root Concealer Pens. There is no fuss while putting these on. Just glide it on. It has been tested and approved by dermatologists. This system has been created by Andrea Rose, an award winning inventor.

The Age Away pen was invented to solve Andrea Rose’ own problem initially. Andrea Rose was a woman on the go and the gray roots made her beauty diminish. It was no fun to go to the salon every two weeks. As a result Andrea Rose decided to invent a product that would allow anyone with this problem to touch up their hair instantly and on the move.
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Fire Wire Review

This skewer is different. It is flexible. This means that the skewer space is utilized better than before. The skewer stays cool, in fact removing the skewer from the grill and turning it can be done without using gloves and other tools. You don’t have to handle the food more than once to marinate it. You can marinate in the bag on the firewire.

If you have experience grilling, you have probably thrown away a number of steel skewers which rust. If the skewer is a wooden one, it might get used just once. If you are looking for something that lasts for a lifetime then get Fire Wire. This flexible grilling skewer brings the fun back to the grilling.
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Split Ender Review

Hair is one of the primary facets of human beauty. We try our best to maintain our hair in order to look good. Sometimes it takes hours of trimming damaged hair ends just to keep your hair well maintained and good looking. Now there is a new way to deal with split ends. The way is Split Ender.

Split Ender Maxi Kit by Talavera Hair Products is the new and innovative way to maintain hair. This product has been made by Victor Talavera in a way to trim away split ends effectively. The Split Ender Mix Kit snips at the unwanted, damaged hair safely and effectively. You hair will develop a healthy sheen and remain smooth and shiny in a way it was never before.
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Strap Perfect Review

The perfect bra strap solution is here. Your silhouette will get an instant boost with Strap Perfect. Stubborn bra straps can be bid goodbye now. Fashion is your playground with the Strap Perfect bra strap.


The cost of Strap Perfect is just $19.99. There is an additional postage and handling charge. Included in each kit are 3 clear clips, 3 nude clips and 3 black clips. Whatever the color of your bra, strap perfect has a clip just for you. In addition there is a special gift with this offering. You get 48 strips of invisible style tape completely free.

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Shoes Under Review

Closets cluttered with shoes are a thing of the past now that Shoes Under is here. Using Shoes Under upto 12 pairs of shoes can be easily stored under your bed. This means valuable closet space is saved. There are 12 pockets to keep 12 pairs of shoes so you can easily find the ones you want when you want them.


Shoes Under keeps shoes free from dust, bugs and moisture. You will find the right pair of shoes easily due to the clear, zippered see through pouch. The most important utilitarian function of shoes under is that it fits under your bed. So all that unused space is put to good use. Now get ready for a more neatly organized home.

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Drop Stop Review

The original Drop Stop is available on As Seen On Tv. You don’t need to see anything fall down your car seat again. For $19.95 you get two drop stops – for the price of one. One Drop Stop for the passenger side and one for the drivers side is what you get when you buy Drop Stop.

Often you find gum, pens, bottle caps, keys, jewelry, make-up, change and other such things falling down the crack in the car seat. You can prevent this with Drop Stop. You don’t have to search under your seat ever again. You can easily fit Drop Stop between your car seat and console.

Your car seat usage is not constricted. Drop Stop moves with the seat. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a truck or car, one size fits all. You just need to install once. What’s more Drop Stop is easy to clean and durable. Your Drop Stop is made with good material and the color blends well with the car.

You won’t even notice Drop Stop as you drive. Yours for $19.95.

Handbag Hangup Review

So, you don’t have a huge house? Well you can make your closet more spacious, functionally speaking. Handbag Hangup is a very useful double sided handbag and scarf hanger. Purses are not meant to be piled on a closet shelf or get crushed on the floor. Sometimes bags get packed away and hidden from view so you forget they are even there! Handbag Hangup is a solution to all of this.

Handbag Hangup is double sided and features seven hanging loops on either side. One side has hook loop catches and the other has magnetic catches. You can hang scarves, belts and handbags on Handbag Hangup. All of them remain neatly organized with Handbag Hangup.

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Dotza Sprayza Kit Review

The Dotza Color Pen is a creative tool for the creative minded. It is not just a color pen, it is also a marker. It is like a two headed monster, except it is not monster. It is a tool for good wholesome old fashioned fun, the new fashioned way. You can create beautiful pictures and amazing dimensional effects with the Dotza marker when you apply your creativity on paper.

It is like using the Dotza has a start but it is difficult to stop. All you need to do is put the Dotza pen to paper. Create pictures in a new, novel manner. Dimensional effects that make you bubble with excitement are what you get from the Dotza color pen. What you get when you buy the Dotza pen are 12 Dotza Pens, a storage case, 60 creation images and a color idea book.
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3 in 1 Shredder Review

Privacy is yours with the 3 in 1 shredder. Often our documents that are important, checks, credit cards receipts etc. get into the wrong hands due to improper disposal. Now the 3 in 1 shredder solves these problems. Identity theft can be relegated to the history books if we want it. Not just paper and credit cards but you can use this shredder to shred even CD’s.

The best part is you don’t need to shred paper one by one. Several pieces of paper can be shred at once with the help of this shredder. The steel cutters are very durable and this shredder will be your friend for a long time. All you need to do to shred is turn the handle. The container for waste is large and clear and has a capacity of 1.2 gallons.
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Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Program Review

The Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Program is sweeping the fitness world like a tsunami. This new workout program developed by Michelle KhaiA gives you the benefits of resistance training without the awkwardness of weight lifting. The workout revolves around a Kbell. This is swung around in 360 degree movements giving you a great figure and the ability to burn fat around the clock.

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Blox Review

All your stains can be repelled with Blox. It is so simple in usage. All you have to do is add the stains to the wash or spray them on. You don’t have to throw away garments that get stained anymore. As a result there is a huge saving in money. Also, there is a huge saving in time since laundry pretreating is less.
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Smart Light 4 in 1 Light Review

With the Smart Light by your side, you can be ensured of brightness whenever you want it. It works both as a power failure light and a motion detector light. In addition use it as an emergency flash light or a photoelectric night light as you please. As soon as the power goes out, the light goes on. Not just this, when you walk by, it lights up. In case of emergency it gives you 8 hours of lighting. It goes on at dusk and off at dawn. What more could you ask for.
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Slimming Bodysuit Review

With the Slimming Bodysuit, the figure you always wanted can be yours, the easy way. This slimming bodysuit shapes, tones, flattens and smoothes giving you the shape you want. A sculpted sexy silhouette is only a bodysuit away. With the toned and shapely figure will come a confidence that is quite unshakeable.

All you problem areas will get flattened and toned into a smooth, confident and sexy silhouette. Your bottom is given good support, your inner and outer thighs get definition and the waist gets sculpted. Because the fabric is strong and lightweight and really breathes, it can be worn comfortably all day.
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