Weed Claw Review

Weeding and planting is now easier than ever before. The Weed Claw consists of a two piece bulb drill. All you have to do is attach weed claw to any standard electric drill. Due to the specially designed head, the weeds are pulled out of the ground along with the roots.

You can now make your garden the envy of all your neighbours. With the Weed Claw, you won’t have weeds and you won’t have any problems in your garden. Weeds can be permanently done away with.
There are many advantages to the weed claw. You don’t need to kneel bend or strain anymore. It works with any standard electric drill. Weeds can be easily removed. Perfect holes can be made for bulbs. Wow! That is quite a lot of good reasons to buy weed claw.

You get a bonus with Weed Claw – the stainless steel Bulb Drill that drills perfect holes in the soil to the desired depth for great plants. Whether it is tulips, daffodils, snowdrops or other such plants, grow them best with the Bulb Drill. You get these for the price of $19.95 only.

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