TouchNBond Review

It is simple to repair large or small tears and it can now be done instantly. The TouchNBond multipurpose adhesive saves you money on repair. It is so easy to use. All you have to do is dab and mend. With this great multipurpose adhesive, you also get a free bonus 8oz refill.

Touch n Bond is the best way to mend. This non toxic adhesive stays flexible, is non toxic and still bonds permanently. Virtually all fabrics from cotton to leather are treatable with touch and bond. This adhesive is neither time consuming nor expensive. All you have to do is apply, touch and smooth and repair it.
This adhesive is safe for almost any fabric. The bonds remain washable, flexible. You can even dry clean the clothes with them. You can do dozens and dozens of repairs with the help of Touch n  Bond. It comes with a convenient dispenser cap, fabric patch and a travel size bottle. The cost is $14.95.

So whether it is splits and tears, hems and cuffs, work boots, dress shoes, retipping shoeslaces, umbrellas, curtains, leather upholstery, handbags or anything else, use Touch n Bond for that perfect job of repairing.

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