Topsy Turvy Review

Growing tomatoes was never so easy and so much fun. Now you can grow larger tomatoes than you have ever done with Topsy Turvy. Topsy Turvy eliminates Tying, Staking and Caging. In addition it also gets rid of Weeding and Back-backing. Ordinary potting soil is used for the purpose.

The days of bending and searching around to pick fruit are over now. You can trim, water, feed as well as harvest, all this you can do without bending – while standing up. The Topsy Turvy tomato planter is ingenious, yet simple. The sun warms the plant in a manner similar to a greenhouse. As a result the root system thrives and grows.
The topsy turvy system is upside down and this means that the water flows directly from the root to the fruit. You get up to 30 pounds of fresh tomato per plant. With the delicious ripe tomatoes, you can create salads, sandwitches, sauces and more. You don’t need harmful pesticides or too much of hard work.

This Topsy Turvy system costs $19.99. When you buy one you get one free! Whats more you get two free bonuses – a recipe guide and a tomato slicer. Amazing value.

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