Tool Band It Review

If you work with tools, you will love Tool Band-It. When you have so many tools to work with and only two hands, Tool Band-It is the perfect helper keeping all you need within easy reach. How does it do this? Well, Tool Band-It is a rugged, flexible and lightweight magnetic armband that keeps both work pieces and tools close to the body.

It has powerful and rare earth magnets that hold everything from nails to hammers within your reach. When you are working in confined spaces like under vehicles or in the attic, then this accessory is essential. If you have lost and misplaced parts or tools and fear doing this in the future then you will love Tool Band-It.

This Tool Band-It accessory is so useful that more and more people are using it. The Tool Band-It magnetic armband is really handy. It will fit either arm easily. This armband adjusts from eight inches to 14 inches. In fact it even makes a great gift for a friend if he/she is a do it yourselfer, a mechanic, carpenter, electrician, plumber, military person and there is a whole list of people who can benefit from Tool Band-It.

This is the latest in creative technology that simplifies work. Tool Band-It costs $19.95.

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