Time Life Romancing The 70’s Review

If you are from the 70’s era and have grown up in that magical time, you know how the music of that time felt. The feeling was love and winning in that time and the music reflected that feeling. Relive the nostalgia of an unforgettable era with Time Life Romancing The 70’s Music CD’s.

As you take a stroll down memory lane, you and your sweetheart will love the lilting music. 9 CD’s make up this collection and all of them are Romantic Hits. These classic love songs from the 70’s will take you to the 70’s heaven and leave you with the touching nostalgia of the life you once lived.
138 Romantic Classics from the foremost musicians of the 70’s decade are part of the Time Life Romancing The 70’s pack. Some of the artists featured here are John Denver, Olivia Newton John, Tony Orlando, Helen Reddy, Chicago and many more artists that knew their music.

A bonus CD is also part of the pack with 18 more romantic classics. The collection will arrive home with a collectors box. The cost of this collection is $149.95 and there is not postage and handling to be paid. So if you feel like beating the 21st century blues, travel a few decades into the past with this amazing offering.

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