Thomas Kinkade Mountain Paradise Clock Review

If time is tough and you race against it, then get the Mountain Paradise Clock by Thomas Kinkade. This beautiful clock delivers relaxing nature sounds. When the room is dark the sounds get deactivated by the light sensor. Thomas Kindade is America’s most collected artist. The Mountain Paradise illustration on the face of the clock is a beautiful one.
The background is a heroic rustic landscape. This background is featured on the clock. Every hour, one out of three soothing natural sounds will ring, giving the room a natural peacefulness. When the room is dark you can sleep peacefully since all sounds are deactivated. This clock needs 3 AA batteries which are included.

The three sounds are katydiddy crickets, water by the dock loon and marsh. In the midst of these relaxing sounds you can go about your day with the knowledge that you have a mild stress reliever by your side. Time may not wait for you but it sure will be on your side now. The Thomas Kinkade Mountain Paradise Clock with its beautiful illustration is sure to put you in a good mood.

The cost of the Mountain Paradise Clock is $24.95 and the value is serenity and peace.

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