The Nextgen iPod and iphone will support low power

Low power802.11n will be supported by next gen iPod and iPhone. iPhone 3.0 firmware will have support for a new chip which enables low power 802.11nn. There is a component upgrade – the existing Broadcom chip that supplies WiFi and Bluetooth on existing models jumps from BCM4325 to BCM4329. There is support for 802.11n features which includes the ability to find and join 5GHz networks.

Currently iPod Touch and iPhone models only support 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g or 5 Ghz 802.11a networks. In the latest generation of AirPort base stations Dual-band networds are supported. This means that both fast as well as slow devices can connect with independent 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz signals simulaneously.
Previous AirPort base station hardware does not allow this. Nor is this possible in an ad-hoc WiFi network from a notebook. Additional network speed and reception range is likely with the new 802.11n specification. Space Time Block coding sends the same data across multiple antennas. SGI increases the data rate. Block Ack increases efficiency. RIFS reduces interframe spacing.

With the new componenet, WiFi throughput and flexibility is to be thoroughly sped up. AT&T and other UMTS providers are also upgrading their 3G networks to take advantage of parallel improvements in mobile 3G speed capacity.

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