Stealth SSA Review

The Stealth secret sound amplifier costs $29.95 only. It costs much higher at other places on the web and offline. This cleverly designed sound amplifier looks like an expensive cell phone earpiece. This sound enhancer lets you hear clearer and hear soft voices up to 50 feet away.

It is very comfortable being lightweight and compact. As a result there is hardly a feeling of wearing the Stealth SSA. The soft foam handle fits comfortably and there is directional amplification.
You could be anywhere, this tool is of great help if you are hard of hearing. You could be in a theater and this tool will help you enjoy a movie. Soft music will be far more enjoyable. In fact this tool will help you notice the nuances of a conversation.

Whats more this device provides remarkable value since it does not cost hundreds of dollars like other similar devices. There are three soft tip sizes – wear them in your right or left ear and you will have a perfect fit.

There is considerable frustration and embarrassment associated with not hearing properly. Get rid of it with the Stealth SSA. With this pack you get – Stealth SSA Sound Amplifier, 3 earpiece sizes, AC charger and rechargeable batteries.

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