Smart Light 4 in 1 Light Review

With the Smart Light by your side, you can be ensured of brightness whenever you want it. It works both as a power failure light and a motion detector light. In addition use it as an emergency flash light or a photoelectric night light as you please. As soon as the power goes out, the light goes on. Not just this, when you walk by, it lights up. In case of emergency it gives you 8 hours of lighting. It goes on at dusk and off at dawn. What more could you ask for.
Garage, room or hallway – wherever you need light, you can use the Smart Light. Movement upto 12 feet can be detected by the sensor turning the bright LED light on. The night light mode is fantastic and dark stairways, bathrooms or bedrooms are well lit with it. The NiMH rechargeabel battery is a dependable friend.

If you need a flashlight all you have to do is pull Smart Light out from the socket. Storms and blackouts need not worry you any more. The LED bulbs are super bright and do never need replacing. The life of one such bulb is 100,000 hours. Now that sounds like a lot of time!

Included with the pack are 1 Smart Light and 3 rechargeable NiMH batteries. The cost of Smart Light is $29.95 only.

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