Skyblades Deluxe Review

The sky isn’t far away. As a kid, you often used to look at the sky and dream of going into the blue. Now you have kids of your own and isn’t it funny how they do much the same thing? There is a certain mystique about soaring in the sky and every kid has once dreamed of being a pilot. Now you can let you childs dreams take wing with Skyblades Deluxe. This amazing toy lets your child say “aaah” with pleasure everytime he sees his skyblades go where eagles dare.

The Skyblades Deluxe comes with a launch pad. It has been designed by someone who knows his stuff – an aeronautical engineer. Skyblades can go 100 feet above the ground and even higher. The liftoff is done with precision by the counter-spinning gyro blades. The X-lock rotor system ensures targeted landings. Let your imagination soar.
These toys are safe being made of soft durable foam so that they give high performance. They are easy to assemble. A launch of Skyblades mimics a rocket launch due to the blast of sound effects and the countdown simulation. All you have to do is press the button to indicate launch. This toy is fascinatingly different.

Included in this pack are a launch pad, a rocket, extra rubber band, spare blades and electric winder. All this comes to you at a price of $21.95. Flying was never this safe or this much fun.

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