Power N Go Review

The Cell Phone changed the way humans communicated once again. The iPod changed the way we enjoyed music. There is always a catch to good things though isn’t there. The issue with cell phones and iPod’s has always been battery power. You may just be caught without battery when you want to make an important phone call or when you want to listen to some great music. It is important to make sure that battery power does not stop you from cell phone communication and keep you away from great music. This is where Power n Go cell phone and iPod charger comes in.

Power n Go is you power source wherever you need it, whenever you need it. The car, the airport, beach, gym, power is yours wherever you need it. No electrical outlet is required. Alkaline, lithium or rechargeable AA batteries can be used in Power n Go. All you need to do is keep Power n Go in your purse or on vacation, keep it in your backpack. Dead batteries are a thing of the past!

This extremely useful gadget is rugged, lightweight and made of aluminum. You can plug it directly into your cell phone or iPod. 3 hours of talk time or 2 hours of music can be charged with this charger. There are also an assortment of connectors included to fit almost all popular cell phones including Samsung, Nokia, Razr, Blackberry, Motorola/mini USB, Sony-Ericcson and of course the iPod.

The cost of the Power n Go on the move charger is $19.95.

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