Point N Paint Review

Now painting has become quick, real quick. You don’t need to be Superman for it either. All you need is Point N Paint. You could have your room painted in less than an hour. One of the great things about Point N Paint is that it holds five times the amount of paint rollers hold. That makes painting so much more convenient. The pad design is the big secret of Point N Paint.  As a result the application of paint is very even.

If you have fixtures on the wall, there is no issue either. You can run circles around the fixtures. Ceilings can be done perfectly. You also get a free mini-edger. Works great to cover up stains and curves are no problem either when painting with this. You can glide it along mouldings and use it with a pole. The highlights of this product are the ergonomic design, lack of taping and the huge amount of paint it holds when compared to a paintbrush and a roller.

Included in the pack are a large painter, mini painter, paint tray, 2 large pads and 2 mini pads. So get ready to save your time while having loads of fun. Painting is easy and efficient with Point N Paint. You will be pleasantly surprised at your home before and after a paint job using Point and Paint. This great painting tool is available at a price of  $19.95.

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