Mini Digital Camera Review

So you think small is beautiful. You like to capture those beautiful moments as well. You like to travel light. Now there is something that connects all of these. The Mini Digital Camera is meant for you. This digital camera is the smallest of its kind in the world. Ultra compact and multifunctional, this one is smaller than a credit card.

Hey this David has unique abilities with its 16 mb of memory. Not only does it take digital photos but it works as a webcam as well. You can take 20 photos. The display is 352 by 288 pixels. There is a USB cable and an AAA battery included. Also included are a software CD and a carrying pouch.
Windows 98 or later is needed. Just think of all you can do with this camera. You can keep it with you all the time because it is so small. It will be with you in your pocket unobtrusively and hardly adding to the weight you carry.

Whenever you need to pull it out and snap pictures, it can be conveniently used. You need not miss a single moment of your life again. Every precious moment can be treasured forever. Don’t miss out on this wonderful camera, whether you are Peter Parker, James Bond or just the regular guy! Yours for $39.95.

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