Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Program Review

The Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Program is sweeping the fitness world like a tsunami. This new workout program developed by Michelle KhaiA gives you the benefits of resistance training without the awkwardness of weight lifting. The workout revolves around a Kbell. This is swung around in 360 degree movements giving you a great figure and the ability to burn fat around the clock.

No more jerky linear wieght lifting movements. Say hello to a new dimension of exercise. The flowing 360 degree weight swinging patterns of movement sculpt every part of your body giving you a tighter and better toned physique.

This new workout  is inspired by dance and that is what makes it so much more fun to perform. You whole body swings, sculpts and gets a good work out harmoniously and holistically. The moves range from easy to fun and fast.

The pack includes a 4 lb Kbell, 3 full length workout and a 36 page weight loss success guide. It costs $39.95 for the whole set.

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