Greenwash Ball Review

If you are concerned about the environment then a greener way to wash clothes is here. The Greenwas Ball gives you thousand washes. You save money and wash in a more eco friendly manner. It costs just $9.95. In addition you get free dryer balls as a bonus. These soften clothes without chemicals.

This Greenwas Ball not only softens water but also eliminates odors. It safeguards clothing, is reusable and hypo allergenic. The ceramic friction technology that is patented increases the pH level of water like detergent but without the harsh chemicals. Chemical, grease and organic stains are eradicated by Greenwash Ball.
Being devoid of harsh chemicals, Greenwash Ball is gentle on sensitive skin as well as allergy free. If you calculate, Greenwash Ball costs just about 4 cents a wash – a little less in fact so it is very economical as well. A saving of money, eco friendliness and anti allergic all in one – this is perhaps the best form of clothes washing package out there.

Even the initial cost of the Greenwash Ball is extremely low – just $9.95 per Greenwash Ball- and you have the bonus dryer balls. Wow!

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