Flashlight With Extending Magnet Review

Flashlights are passé. The Flashlight with Extending Magnet is here. It is like Indiana Jones – goes in places that cannot easily be reached. It can be put to great use in your house, in your garage or in the great outdoors. Its neck is extendable and the magnetic head allow it to light up narrow spaces. It extends from 11.5 to 26 inches and is water resistant. Two AA batteries are needed to operate it which are to be bought separately.


Let me give you a low down of how this battery is made. It is made with heavy duty aluminium. This keeps it safe even when conditions are harsh. The LED bulb has a life of 50,000 hours and you might want to consider handing it down to your children later in life. The Magnetic head is super strong and can help you retrieve screws.

If you are outdoors and it starts raining, do not worry. It’s water resistance will prevent any damage to it. This great flashlight is super bright and whenever you need illumination, it can be your best friend. It will cost you $10.95 should you choose to buy it and is worth a lot more in actual value. So check out this amazing product from asseenontv today!


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