Fasta Pasta Review: Faster, Easier Cooking

Cooking pasta has gone 21st century with Fasta Pasta. Stirring is passé. Sticking is history. Boiling over is gone too. Time, energy and water are conserved with Fasta Pasta. Cook Pasta- all types of Pasta to perfection with Fasta Pasta. The pasta cooks twice as fast and as a result you save on time and energy. You don’t need to stop the microwave to stir. 

All you need to do is add the pasta and water and place it in the microwave for a few minutes. Soon you will have the perfect pasta. The cooking is even. You can measure the pasta using the holes in the lid and there is a built in strainer as we. Get ready for yummy meals with the Fasta Pasta. This appliance is Dishwasher safe and made of polypropylene which is approved by the FDA.

You can cook spaghetti, you can cook fettucini, you can cook rotini, you can cook more. Just make Fasta Pasta yours now and enjoy easily cooked and tasty food. Included are cooking instructions for Fasta Pasta. This great cooking appliance will cost you $14.95 plus P&H. There is free shipping on additional units. Worship your stomach with Fasta Pasta

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