Fart Machine No. 2 Review

If you want to pull a fast one on someone, embarass or make fun of someone, you now have the perfect weapon. The most embarrassing thing for anyone is when they break wind in the open. Now you can do the job of embarrassing by making it seem that a friend has broken wind.

The battery powered speaker is 3 inches. All you have to do is conceal it in the vicinity of the person you want to embarrass. Press the remote and presto…prrrrr…You can set off any of 15 different fart sounds depending on how you want your victim to break wind. If you are worried about him/her being at your throat, relax, you can do the job from 100 feet away.
With a tiny remote concealed in your pocket, you have a powerful weapon on your side. You can do so much with this gag gift. Non stop giggles are assured by the Fart Machine No. 2. This is the greatest invention since laxative.

To operate this machine you need a 9V battery which is not included. With the boom box technology that will make Bose jealous, you can hear the booming sound of Fart as far as the ear can hear.

This machine No. 2 is better than the original. For farting sounds like never before. It can be yours for $12.95.

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