Drop Stop Review

The original Drop Stop is available on As Seen On Tv. You don’t need to see anything fall down your car seat again. For $19.95 you get two drop stops – for the price of one. One Drop Stop for the passenger side and one for the drivers side is what you get when you buy Drop Stop.

Often you find gum, pens, bottle caps, keys, jewelry, make-up, change and other such things falling down the crack in the car seat. You can prevent this with Drop Stop. You don’t have to search under your seat ever again. You can easily fit Drop Stop between your car seat and console.

Your car seat usage is not constricted. Drop Stop moves with the seat. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a truck or car, one size fits all. You just need to install once. What’s more Drop Stop is easy to clean and durable. Your Drop Stop is made with good material and the color blends well with the car.

You won’t even notice Drop Stop as you drive. Yours for $19.95.

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