Dotza Sprayza Kit Review

The Dotza Color Pen is a creative tool for the creative minded. It is not just a color pen, it is also a marker. It is like a two headed monster, except it is not monster. It is a tool for good wholesome old fashioned fun, the new fashioned way. You can create beautiful pictures and amazing dimensional effects with the Dotza marker when you apply your creativity on paper.

It is like using the Dotza has a start but it is difficult to stop. All you need to do is put the Dotza pen to paper. Create pictures in a new, novel manner. Dimensional effects that make you bubble with excitement are what you get from the Dotza color pen. What you get when you buy the Dotza pen are 12 Dotza Pens, a storage case, 60 creation images and a color idea book.
There is a whole new level of excitement as well when you buy the Dotza Sprayza Kit. With the Sprayza Airbrus System you can create cool airbrush art, all you want. You need to put the marker in the Sprayza Toll and blow to spray the color. You don’t need batteries.

The Dotza Sprayza kit is old fashioned fun in a new fashioned way. It is the way to develop your childs creativity. In this age of PS3, Wii and Xbox, spare a thought for good old fashioned and natural creativity for your child. It isn’t too expensive either.

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