Door Genie Review

Sliding glass doors often stay wide open. This lets in undesirable pollution from outside and also keeps you from regulating the temperature. Pests also sneak in from outside the house. Now you can stop all this with the patented sliding glass door genie. When you enter or leave the room the door closes automatically behind you with door genie.

Door Genie features a universal fit. This makes it comfortable for fitting everywhere. It also has a low profile design. Therefore it can be fitted in almost all glass doors. All it takes to install Door Genie are three easy steps. All you have to do is peel it, stick it and hook it.
Any home will benefit from Door Genie. It makes your doors more utilitarian. Doors are no more a hassle and now you only ever have to open your glass door and not worry about closing them. There is also a Sliding Screen Door Genie that works great as well. When you order both, you save a ton. The price for Door Genie (Sliding Glass) by itself is $29.95 only.

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