Clip Hanger Review

Clip Hanger is a smart clip for the smart cell phone user. It features twin LED lights for better illumination. With durable plastic and an easy clasp system you can expect this cell phone clip to not only have a long life but also be easy to use. The price of this Clip Hanger is just $8.95. It is thin and as a result bulk is minimized.

Virtually all mobile phones are compatible with Clip Hanger. With the help of Clip Hanger you can hang your cell phone or iPod on your purse, belt loop, bags and more. It also works as a flashlight with which you can read menus and find keys in the purse or bag. It is very bright.
Included in this pack are a Clip Hanger Autohook handsfree talking while in the car. All you have to do is stick, clip, hang and go. This clip hanger is not only very utilitarian but it is also the most chic thing to own with your cell phone. You will get positive comments on it all the way.

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