Chameleon Candle Oval Review

The Chameleon Candle is so beautiful it will leave you spell bound. As they change from one beautiful color to the next, you will be left spell bound. You will enjoy the light rainbow as your mood is enhanced. The colors change slowly and beautifully in a manner that is extremely beautiful.

Candle light sets the mood like nothing else can. This mood enhancing candle light can now be even more colorful in the form of the Chameleon Candle. You will find yourself grow calm and tranquil in the soothing colors of Chameleon candlelight.

The candle changes colors into 6 beautiful colors when it is lit and even after it is extinguished it changes colors for 48 hours continuously. When the wick is trimmed back slightly, the light is deactivated. An experience with the Chameleon Candle will leave you longing for more. Romantic dinners and quiet evenings were made for these.

The best part is that when you buy one Chameleon Candle, you get one free all at the amazing price of $9.95.

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