Blox Review

All your stains can be repelled with Blox. It is so simple in usage. All you have to do is add the stains to the wash or spray them on. You don’t have to throw away garments that get stained anymore. As a result there is a huge saving in money. Also, there is a huge saving in time since laundry pretreating is less.
This great product is completely safe. Not just this, it is also tested by a dermatologist and hypo allergenic. Use of this product on the fabric does not result in any hardening. In fact the fabric stays soft. This is the only in-wash fabric protector. All you have to do is add Blox to the wash.

Stains get blocked and the fabric stays as breatheable and well textured as ever. Because Blox contains no fumes or harsh chemicals, the fabric looks new for longer. You can use Blox on a number of different materials for their protection. These include bags, canvas purses, upholstery, carpets and dry cleaned garments.

With the value kit of Blox you get 1 Blox in-wash fabric protector of 16 fl. oz., 1 Blox Quick Spray fabric protector each of 16 and 8 fl.oz. The cost of this product is $29.95

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