Bioenergiser Detox Bodyspa Review

When your body’s bioenergy is balanced, you function better, feel more harmonious and the day passes much better. You can now balance your body energy in a way that is completely relaxing.

All you need is one 30 minute treatment of Bioenergiser Detox Bodyspa every week. There are many reasons your body’s bioenergy can get unbalanced. These reasons include poor diet, ill health, injury or pollutants.

There could be an imbalance in our cells in the ions. Bioenergiser begins the process of rebalancing the body bioenergy and the positive and negative ions. A low sodium salt is used and the detox foot spa will bring your body back to harmony with just one 30 minute treatment per week.

Deposits will be drained from your lymph glands, sweat glands and the pores. Your body will be reenergised giving you great physical and mental energy as well as a feeling of well being. When you see the change in water color, know that the foot spa is at work.

The price of this amazing foot spa is $109.95.

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