5 Dollar Gold Proof Tribute Set Review

If you are a coin collector then this is a dream set just for you. The first coin to be struck by the U.S. government was the $5 gold coin. It is also the only denomination htat was struck at all eight U.S. branch mints. This set has 9 pieces and is 117 mg. It is testimony to that time in history when these were minted. The 1795 Philadelphia, the first $5 gold piece is included.

Also part of this set are the 1838 C’ which was the first struck at the Charlotte mint. The 1841 O’ New Orleans 1861 D’ the 1876 CC’, the 1866 S’, the 1911 Denver are all part of this collection. The incuse design is featured here where the sculpted part sinks into the coin instead of rising above it.
The 1994 W’ and the 1928 $5 Gold Indian head which is the last struck gold five dollar piece are also part of this amazing package. When you order the 5 dollar gold proof tribute set you get 9 piece set of gold clad proofs with a display box. The price of this set is $79.95 only. This is a great price to buy this set for. In the future the price is likely to appreciate highly. This is one great investment to make and a “should have” for any coin collector.

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