ServiceMagic Review: Find Qualified Home Contractors with

About ServiceMagic

If you are a homeowner and you are considering having some work done around the house such as remodeling, painting, carpentry or 500 plus other services, one place to start your search is ServiceMagic. Established in 1999, the company has nearly 1,000 employees that have helped over 12 million consumers find qualified contractors for their projects.

All vendors and contractors that work with ServiceMagic have to go through an extensive screening process and verify all up-to-date government required liceneses and insurance. This gives consumers that use ServiceMagic peace of mind that they will be working with a true professional on their project.

From a consumer standpoint, using the service will cost you nothing. The member contractors pay fees of $5 to $100 or more for referrals depending on the type of project and contractor. Read the rest of this entry »

eFax Review: How Does eFax Compare to Other Email Fax Services?

By using an online fax service provider, anyone can send and receive faxes directly from a computer via email. This saves time and cost and makes faxing easier than ever.

There are a number of providers of online faxing whose service and cost can vary greatly. It therefore can be difficult to determine which provider delivers the best value.

There are, however, some clear-cut standards by which these providers can be measured. In order to find out how eFax can assist in the growth of your business, call toll-free at 866-944-2559 to find out which service package is best for you.

eFax is the world’s largest internet messaging service, with the capability of delivering the broadest possible service to its 11 million subscribers in three thousand cities and forty-five countries.

eFax has the widest selection of phone numbers available, giving its customers the best options to choose from. Since eFax is the industry leader, it can provide customers with one or with a thousand fax numbers. It makes sending and receiving a fax easy and user friendly. It also provides a secure communications network. Read the rest of this entry »

Angie’s List Review: Is a Membership to Angie’s List Worth the Trouble?

Angie’s List is a membership site that allows consumers to rate or read unbiased reviews of local businesses – such as plumbers, dentists, electricians, physicians, home contractors and more – and share other experiences and information with fellow consumers. It is was founded in 1995 in Columbus Ohio and now provides detailed information on businesses across the USA.

angieslistHow Do You Join Angie’s List?

Joining Angie’s List is a simple process. You can either do it through their website or call toll-free 866-945-2889. We recommend calling in just to make sure there is relevant data for your metro area.

Although Angie’s List does offer a 110% customer satisfaction guarantee, we feel it is easier just to call ahead and make sure so no refunds are even necessary.

When we made a test call to the call center, we were pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and straightforward answers we received from the person we spoke with. Read the rest of this entry »

Omni Dual Saw Review

The Omni Dual Saw has counter rotating blade technology. It combines blade technology and precision engineering in a way no other saw does. This saw can cut almost any material. You don’t even have to change blades. If for some reason you needed to cut through a car, you wouldn’t waste much time with dual saw. It would take you just three minutes.

The laser honed blades and dual counter rotating blade technology ensure that you get the most efficiency while cutting and you don’t have to go through the chore of changing blades. This saw is unique in that the two blades rotate in the opposite direction at the same time. This saw has power, precision, strength and versatility.
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MP4 Digital Player Review: The Recession iPod

If you are looking for a music machine and more in one great affordable package then try the MP4 Digital Player. It costs just $89.95 and does a whole load of funky things. It plays WMA Plus in addition to MP3 digital music. What’s more store photo’s, record your voice or even watch movies on this handy device.

You can even enjoy FM radio on the MP4 Digital Player. Text messages can be downloaded and read when you feel like it. Radio was never this enjoyable with 20 preset radio stations that can be stored here. Power it in two ways, you can plug it into your computer or your battery charger. It will look great in the palm of your hand with it’s compact size.

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Power N Go Review

The Cell Phone changed the way humans communicated once again. The iPod changed the way we enjoyed music. There is always a catch to good things though isn’t there. The issue with cell phones and iPod’s has always been battery power. You may just be caught without battery when you want to make an important phone call or when you want to listen to some great music. It is important to make sure that battery power does not stop you from cell phone communication and keep you away from great music. This is where Power n Go cell phone and iPod charger comes in.

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Retro Hot Dog Roller

If you want to make perfect hot dogs then get the Retro Series Hot Dog Roller. For just $49.95 you get perfect hot dogs. In addition there is a built in bun-warmer in the lid. This hot dog roller is themed after the 50’s style. With it will come memories of classic diners, ball games, family gatherings. In addition this roller is fun and easy to use. The roller consists of 5 nonstick rollers. These are in continuous rotation as they cook up to four hotdogs that a a foot long at the same times

The heat controls are adjustable. This results in even cooking. The removable rollers and drip trays are present for easy cleaning. The bun warmer is very convenient. Whether it is a party, a fundraiser or adding pizazz to the kitchen the Retro Hot Dog Roller is always at your service.

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Tool Band It Review

If you work with tools, you will love Tool Band-It. When you have so many tools to work with and only two hands, Tool Band-It is the perfect helper keeping all you need within easy reach. How does it do this? Well, Tool Band-It is a rugged, flexible and lightweight magnetic armband that keeps both work pieces and tools close to the body.

It has powerful and rare earth magnets that hold everything from nails to hammers within your reach. When you are working in confined spaces like under vehicles or in the attic, then this accessory is essential. If you have lost and misplaced parts or tools and fear doing this in the future then you will love Tool Band-It.

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Time Life Romancing The 70’s Review

If you are from the 70’s era and have grown up in that magical time, you know how the music of that time felt. The feeling was love and winning in that time and the music reflected that feeling. Relive the nostalgia of an unforgettable era with Time Life Romancing The 70’s Music CD’s.

As you take a stroll down memory lane, you and your sweetheart will love the lilting music. 9 CD’s make up this collection and all of them are Romantic Hits. These classic love songs from the 70’s will take you to the 70’s heaven and leave you with the touching nostalgia of the life you once lived.
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Monster 1200 Clean N Sanitize Review

The Monster 1200 is a revolutionary household cleaning appliance. It is both a deep cleaner and sanitizer, the first of its kind in the world. Any surface can be sanitized and deep cleaned with this machine. Germs, bacteria and odors are a thing of the past when you use this fantastic cleaning machine.

You don’t need to use dangerous chemicals and the Monster 1200 does not require far too much time either. Mold and milder are easily removed. Most bacteria – 99.9% bacteria are eliminated by this Monster. The Monster 1200 is powerful and like the name suggests packs 1200 watts of power. Using steam, this revolutionary cleaner sanitizes your house.

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Point N Paint Review

Now painting has become quick, real quick. You don’t need to be Superman for it either. All you need is Point N Paint. You could have your room painted in less than an hour. One of the great things about Point N Paint is that it holds five times the amount of paint rollers hold. That makes painting so much more convenient. The pad design is the big secret of Point N Paint.  As a result the application of paint is very even.

If you have fixtures on the wall, there is no issue either. You can run circles around the fixtures. Ceilings can be done perfectly. You also get a free mini-edger. Works great to cover up stains and curves are no problem either when painting with this. You can glide it along mouldings and use it with a pole. The highlights of this product are the ergonomic design, lack of taping and the huge amount of paint it holds when compared to a paintbrush and a roller.

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Bumpits Volumnizing Inserts Review

Bumpits Volumnizing Inserts take your hair from flat to fabulous. It is so easy. When you buy this product, you get 2 free Mini Bang Bumpits Inserts and 1 Free Hollywood Bumpits Inserts in addition to the two large Bumpits Inserts. Bumpits Volumnizing Inserts stay put in your hair firmly, whichever style you wear your hair in.

There are 4 shades of Bumpits for a perfect color match. There are only three steps to using Bumpits. All you have to do is part the hair at the crown and gently tease after placing Bumpits insert behind the part line. Just hair spray after this and you are done!
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Billy Blanks Taebo Review

From America’s favorite personal trainer comes a Tae Bo workout that can change your life, your look and the way you look at life. Feel healthier and fitter than ever before. Find the energy to chase your dreams. Best of all be fit and strong with Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout.

This training called T3 Total Transformation is meant for just that – total transformation. Your body, mind and lifestyle will be changed forever. You feel like the training is happening one on one, such is the connection. Billy is your motivator and mentor. He helps you take charge of your life, of your mind and of your body once again.
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Auto Vacuum Review

If you need to keep food fresh, then get Auto Vacuum. Auto Vacuum fresh box costs $59.95. Fruits remain fresh with Auto Vacuum. Breads remain tasty. All foods taste better and last longer when stored in Auto Vacuum. Because it is a dehumidifier foods do not get damp and spoiled. Spoiling of food does not happen easily because of Ozone Ionic.


In addition, you may have often encountered the problem of forgetting when you had stored the food. There is a calendar on the lid that reminds you of when you stored the food. The marinating time for meats is shortened by this Auto Vacuum. When you close the lid, the air is automatically sucked out of the box. What could be more convenient?


The pump is built in and strong. It works really well. It takes just one hand to lift the lid. Opening the lid is easy. There are handles on each side so there is added convenience. With everything thought out, Auto Vacuum is the perfect way to keep food vacuum fresh. It costs $59.95.

Weed Claw Review

Weeding and planting is now easier than ever before. The Weed Claw consists of a two piece bulb drill. All you have to do is attach weed claw to any standard electric drill. Due to the specially designed head, the weeds are pulled out of the ground along with the roots.

You can now make your garden the envy of all your neighbours. With the Weed Claw, you won’t have weeds and you won’t have any problems in your garden. Weeds can be permanently done away with.
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Door Genie Review

Sliding glass doors often stay wide open. This lets in undesirable pollution from outside and also keeps you from regulating the temperature. Pests also sneak in from outside the house. Now you can stop all this with the patented sliding glass door genie. When you enter or leave the room the door closes automatically behind you with door genie.

Door Genie features a universal fit. This makes it comfortable for fitting everywhere. It also has a low profile design. Therefore it can be fitted in almost all glass doors. All it takes to install Door Genie are three easy steps. All you have to do is peel it, stick it and hook it.
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Bioenergiser Detox Bodyspa Review

When your body’s bioenergy is balanced, you function better, feel more harmonious and the day passes much better. You can now balance your body energy in a way that is completely relaxing.

All you need is one 30 minute treatment of Bioenergiser Detox Bodyspa every week. There are many reasons your body’s bioenergy can get unbalanced. These reasons include poor diet, ill health, injury or pollutants.

There could be an imbalance in our cells in the ions. Bioenergiser begins the process of rebalancing the body bioenergy and the positive and negative ions. A low sodium salt is used and the detox foot spa will bring your body back to harmony with just one 30 minute treatment per week.

Deposits will be drained from your lymph glands, sweat glands and the pores. Your body will be reenergised giving you great physical and mental energy as well as a feeling of well being. When you see the change in water color, know that the foot spa is at work.

The price of this amazing foot spa is $109.95.

Chameleon Candle Oval Review

The Chameleon Candle is so beautiful it will leave you spell bound. As they change from one beautiful color to the next, you will be left spell bound. You will enjoy the light rainbow as your mood is enhanced. The colors change slowly and beautifully in a manner that is extremely beautiful.

Candle light sets the mood like nothing else can. This mood enhancing candle light can now be even more colorful in the form of the Chameleon Candle. You will find yourself grow calm and tranquil in the soothing colors of Chameleon candlelight.

The candle changes colors into 6 beautiful colors when it is lit and even after it is extinguished it changes colors for 48 hours continuously. When the wick is trimmed back slightly, the light is deactivated. An experience with the Chameleon Candle will leave you longing for more. Romantic dinners and quiet evenings were made for these.

The best part is that when you buy one Chameleon Candle, you get one free all at the amazing price of $9.95.

Carbide Edge Pocket Saw Review

When you buy one carbide edge pocket saw, you get one free.  You never need to sharpen this six inch blade. What’s more, carrying and storage is easy because it folds conveniently. This simple looking pocket saw is able to cut through almost anything on Earth.

The blade is heavy duty carbon steel with tungsten carbide. Glass, wood, ceramic tile, brick, aluminium, iron, steel, whatever the material is, this pocket saw is game to saw through it.

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Alkaslim Review

Alkaslim is a unique weight reduction dietary supplement. Apart from the weight reduction benefits, it also enhances health. It alkalizes as well as energizes. With two scoops of Alkaslim, you get only 81 calories.

There is an amazingly healthy mix of ingredients that makes up Alkaslim. It contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Now lets tell you a bit about Dr. Ted Morter. He is an authority on health care. He has been a specialist in this field for more than 30 years.

People know him better as the man who wrote “An apple a day,””Your choice,” and “Your Health.” Alka slim is amongst Dr. Morters most innovative developments. It is meant to decrease body weight and increase alkinity while providing the system a boost of energy.

He has contributed to better the health of people in every way. One bottle of Alkaslim equals 28 servings. This is a great way to a healthier, fitter life.

Slim Shots Appetite Controller Review

Have you tried everything in your power to decrease your weight? It has all been unsuccessful because of the way you eat. In addition to exercise the solution is to eat less. But how do you satisfy those hunger pangs? There is a way to eat upto 30 percent less now with SlimShots. It has been shown to reduce your food intake by up to 30 percent without hunger pangs.

This amazing appetite controller works clinically from the first day. It has all natural ingredients. This great appettite suppressant works for up to 8 hours after intake. Forget the midnight snacks now. You will find your portions of food have decreased and you don’t eat between snacks anymore. There are no side effects like jitters or any others.
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Mini Digital Camera Review

So you think small is beautiful. You like to capture those beautiful moments as well. You like to travel light. Now there is something that connects all of these. The Mini Digital Camera is meant for you. This digital camera is the smallest of its kind in the world. Ultra compact and multifunctional, this one is smaller than a credit card.

Hey this David has unique abilities with its 16 mb of memory. Not only does it take digital photos but it works as a webcam as well. You can take 20 photos. The display is 352 by 288 pixels. There is a USB cable and an AAA battery included. Also included are a software CD and a carrying pouch.
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Fart Machine No. 2 Review

If you want to pull a fast one on someone, embarass or make fun of someone, you now have the perfect weapon. The most embarrassing thing for anyone is when they break wind in the open. Now you can do the job of embarrassing by making it seem that a friend has broken wind.

The battery powered speaker is 3 inches. All you have to do is conceal it in the vicinity of the person you want to embarrass. Press the remote and presto…prrrrr…You can set off any of 15 different fart sounds depending on how you want your victim to break wind. If you are worried about him/her being at your throat, relax, you can do the job from 100 feet away.
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Skyblades Deluxe Review

The sky isn’t far away. As a kid, you often used to look at the sky and dream of going into the blue. Now you have kids of your own and isn’t it funny how they do much the same thing? There is a certain mystique about soaring in the sky and every kid has once dreamed of being a pilot. Now you can let you childs dreams take wing with Skyblades Deluxe. This amazing toy lets your child say “aaah” with pleasure everytime he sees his skyblades go where eagles dare.

The Skyblades Deluxe comes with a launch pad. It has been designed by someone who knows his stuff – an aeronautical engineer. Skyblades can go 100 feet above the ground and even higher. The liftoff is done with precision by the counter-spinning gyro blades. The X-lock rotor system ensures targeted landings. Let your imagination soar.
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MDR Vital Factors Review

A healthier and more youthful body as well as mind is within reach with MDR Vital Factors. You do so many things to get a youthful body and healthy mind. You spend atleast an hour on exercise. You eat carefully. Whats more you even take nutritional supplements. This is the protocol that is followed to lead a healthy life. But you are still hit by the ageing process even after doing everything in your power to stay healthy.

There is something you are doing wrong. Your diet could be extremely good, you may take vitamins but you lose what are called “Vital Factors” with age. Your healthy lifestyle protocol may not be able to replenish this. When you lose these vital factors you won’t even feel like getting up and moving. Your gym membership will lie unused. This is the time when your body is giving you the signal that you need more help. Vital Factors is a premium anti-aging technology.
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